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Big Data Analytics Hires - Recruiters who 'Give Back'

In the spirit of giving back to society some of what we receive, we at Big Data Analytics Hires have encouraged private contributions towards various worthy causes. We wanted to take this thought a step further and make it a sizeable and sustainable initiative with the participation of our clients.

When you engage with us you become a part of our automatic contributions program through which we donate 5% of the placement fee you pay us for every hire to a charitable organization. On average, this amounts to anywhere between $1,500-$2,500 per person you recruit through Big Data Analytics Hires. 

​We have a list of organizations we frequently contribute to  - Heal Africa, ASPCA, Plan International USA, Humane Society, World Vision, Feeding America.  We would also love contributing to your local organizations and community programs or even sponsor your race for the cure. 

We would love to work together with you to make a much bigger difference to the world. To find out more on this write to us atChange-a-Life(click here)