Big Data Analytics Hires 90-day Guarantee

We are a company run by its founders, so we know how  first hand how much people mean to the growth and profitability of any organization. Therefore we provide you with a 90 day guarantee on all our placements. Full service replacement at no cost to you if you lose a candidate within the six month period. 

We provide "On-demand Reporting" to our exclusive and retained clients on all new and replacement hires that provides full transparency and pertinent information into the pipeline and hiring progress. If you are a contingent client with multiple hire orders we can make this available to you as well.

We are also able to help you analyze your recruiting data to determine the effectiveness of your hiring process by looking at metrics like:

- Quality of Hires 

- ROI of recruiting channels

- Effectiveness of social media channels

- Time to fill vs. Hiring Plan

- Interview to fill rates

We bring the perfect combination of right brain-left brain expertise for all your recruiting needs.

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