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We pride ourselves in being the boutique recruitment consultants specializing in the placement of superior analytical talent in the Big Data Decision Sciences space. To that end we maintain an extremely strong database of candidates who we have vetted through our own internal process.

We conduct our own SAS, Hadoop, R, SPSS technical assessments as a pre-requisite for all positions requiring hands on computational skills before the candidate is passed on to you for your screening process. These tests are conducted live by expert practitioners in the respective fields. We make the results available to you if you wish to incorporate it as part of your own screening process.

This value added service comes at no extra cost to you. We have instituted this to ensure that you receive the best shortlist of candidates who meet all the technical specifications of your job description. The technical assessment combined with our virtual interviews gives you a head-start in your interview process like no other.

For positions that require more managerial and less hands-on technical responsibilities we conduct a combination of Intellectual Horsepower Competency(IHC) tests and Information Assimilation and Synthesis (IAS) tests to ensure that quantitatively inclined minds have the required business comprehension and thought leadership to effectively drive decisions within organizations.

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