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As the world of Big Data and Decision Sciences is evolving so is our coverage of markets, positions, and skill sets.  The common denominator in the candidates and the clients we serve is the high intellectual horsepower combined with an analytical aptitude and a quantitative approach to solving business problem, complemented with programming and computational skills where necessary.

Here is a sample of the kind of positions we have successfully fulfilled. The list is by no means an exhaustive one:

​Financial Services:

Director of Model Validation

​VP of Quantitative Risk

Director of Transaction Analytics

Director of Basel Forecasting

​Sr. Statistician of Risk Management


​Director of R&D Informatics

Director of Health Analytics

​Manager of Data and Clinical Ops

​Sr. Director of Impact Analysis

Director of Managed Care Analytics

Consumer and Retail:

Director of Global Consumer Insights​

​Manager of Brand Marketing Analytics

Director of Social Media Analytics

Principal Data Scientist, Marketing

​Data Engineer, Market Development

Travel and Hospitality:

​Director of Revenue Management

​Manager of Enterprise Optimization

​Director of Property Ops Analysis

Manager of Customer Loyalty Analytics

Chief Data Scientist, Redemptions


Director of Supply Chain Analytics​

Director of Warehouse Analytics

​Sr. Manager, Demand Planning and Analysis

Director of Supplier Performance Analysis

​Manager of Trade Marketing Analysis


Manager of Global Market Insights

Lead Consultant, Market Mix Modeling​

​Director of Machine Learning Solutions

​Sr. Director of Sales Analytics

​Manager of Digital Strategy and Analytics