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Big Data Analytics Hires Virtual Screening/Video Interviewing

At Big Data Analytics Hires  we try to stay at the forefront of Recruitment Technology. We have introduced video interviewing for our retained clients. Now we are extending the same services to our contingent clients.

Allows our clients to see prospective candidates before spending the time and money involved in arranging face-to-face interviews. When you are dealing with multiple resumes with highly quantitative and technical credentials, video interviewing tremendously increases the efficiency of the short-listing process.


For clients who have restrictions on conducting video interviews or who do not have the time to leverage our live video interview process, we have an alternate solution for you.... 

Introducing Virtual Screening:

Virtual screening involves pre-recorded clips of candidates which are e-mailed to our clients. Include this in your short-listing process and see the exponential increase in conversion of interviews to hires.

Including live video interviews and/or virtual screening can help you cut your recruiting time by up to 50%.




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